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  Raising Consciousness - New Realities

The Insight and Intuition ground-breaking programme was designed over many years of observing students, consultations with teachers in the field and a Master of Philosophy research. 

Maslow said: ‘Man’s higher nature rests on his lower nature needing it as a foundation.’ The best way to access one’s higher nature and intuition is to clear the obstructions that get in the way. Hence the phase psycho-spiritual. The Insight and Intuition programme accesses and helps to clear the noise that clouds the true inner tuition, bringing you to clarity, greater potentials and well being.

It ran for 14 years in West London and was accredited as part of a BSc degree.  During that time thousands of students experienced the programme.  The most common comments are; 'it changed my life' and 'it made me a better person'. 

Drawing from contents of the I&I programme and over 30 years of psycho-spiritual facilitation, the main ephasis of Julie's work is in leading groups to lift and transform the energies of the people present and help raise the consciousness of the world. Julie always works intuitively to those present. (If you would like Julie to lead a day or weekend in your area. Please email to arrange this).

Private consultations are available on request.

To learn more of Julie's work you are invited to
read extracts of a recent 'Raising Consciousness' lecture and any feedback is welcome.

Raising Consciousness Mentoring Sessions

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Julie has written 9 books, including the international best seller, Are you Psychic? which was translated into 19 languages. Her latest book, The Psychic's Handbook: A Guide to Psycho-spiritual Energies is now available.

Wind of Change
Cosmic Dance
Alignment to Light
Are you Psychic?
Insight and Intuition
Insight through Intuition
Discover your Sixth Sense.
The Psychic's Handbook.

All these books speak of transformation, both personal
and global.

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