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Julie's work is to help empower the individual, through consultations and facilitating psychic, healing and spiritual development in groups. The aim is to guide people to know what is right for them, developing their ability to think for themselves and make their own informed decisions.

Psycho-spirituality is a process of unfoldment, lifting the veils of illusion that beset us all, leaving behind fears and biases wherever they originated. It is not born out of one religion, but born from the heart of all great teachings. You can be a believer or not, the process is the same.

Julie was born in London. She has worked professionally as a sensitive/teacher for over 30 years, in the UK and internationally, running seminars, workshops and lectures. In 1990 her first book Wind of Change was published. Julie has written 9 published works, and has taught in very many centres, colleges and universities. In 1996 she founded the School of Insight and Intuition in London to facilitate psychic, healing and spiritual development, using intuitive senses.

Aware of the very real educational value in personal and spiritual development (psycho-spiritual) the school’s (Insight and Intuition) mission statement was to implement the work into mainstream education. To this end at the end of 1997 Julie started a research project at Surrey University and at the same time she was working with lecturers and professors at various higher educational establishments.

Alongside the research, a full psycho-spiritual learning programme was developed. Parts of this programme have now been validated at university levels with good reports from external examiners, including “ this is an excellent course”.

In 2002 Julie obtained a Master of Philosophy from Surrey University, looking at the changes in the lived world of individuals who partake in psycho-spiritual development.

In 2006 Julie moved to the South of France. Julie now comes to the UK regularly to lead groups and give personal consultations. Julie lives with her husband, natural history photographer Rupert Soskin and father-in-law Henry Lincoln, near to Rennes le Chateau.

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