Insight & Intuition

This acclaimed step-by-step course offers important life skills for any area of life and living, as well as being a grounding for any psycho-spiritual work. It provides techniques and meditational exercises for optimum use of energies and well-being. During the weekend safe methods are taught that allow negativities, which obscure ones true self, to be cleared. This then enables connection to one's own intuition. Unfoldment enhances knowledge of self, gaining experience of subtle energies, how they are work and how they reveal imbalances.

This weekend will aid you into the new reality for a better future. It is an all round course which is good for any level.

Contents include:
Models of energy, techniques in meditation, mindfulness and observational skills, training intuitive faculties, self and healing exercises, protection techniques, mechanics of energy, releasing old patterns, use of will and attunement to spiritual forces.

Psychic Growth

Building on the knowledge of the earlier stages this course furthers alignment to subtle energies for the expansion of deeper intuition. It is valuable for acknowledging and learning to work more productively with intuition identifying the different levels of energies and how to use them productively. As well as useful life skills this module provides a comprehensive knowledge for practitioner level.

Contents include: In-depth energy work. Use of psychic connections. Deeper connection to self.

Higher Consciousness

Having completed the previous module this self directed group acts as an in-depth course in the raising of consciousness, both for the individual and the world.

Contents: This course is a student self-directed group and contents vary depending on the needs of the individuals present. It may include philosophy, meditation and advanced perception of energies.

This programme is non denominational. 'Spiritual' refers to the spirit or core of the individual whatever the person's personal beliefs. All are Welcome.


Details of courses coming soon

Course for Life runs over 3 weekends and one day with constant one-to-one mentoring in between. Drawn from 30 years of experience in the field of psycho-spiritual studies it utilisies the best from the research and experience. Their purpose is to raise energy levels and consciousness to help you reach your full potential, lead a more productive life and hopefully assist humanity.

In this programme we will work with our mind, emotion, body and spirit to expand all areas of our being.

This course is not for the feint hearted and will not just give you a quick fix - the results will be lasting.

Julie always works to the needs of the individual present and contents vary accordingly.

Some of the contents of the programme:

  • Simple yoga and pilates type exercises
  • Alert Meditations
  • Intentions, Will and Mindfulness
  • Clearing Negative Energies and illusions
  • Transformational visualisation exercises.
  • Believes; How they effect us and how to change them.
  • Distinguishing Different Levels of Energies and how to use them
  • Explore hereditary patterns and mindsets and release if necessary.
  • Be comfortable with change
  • Dealing with relationships
  • How to understand and work with intuition
  • Working with Sound/ Toning.
  • Walking Meditations
  • The Power of Thought
  • How to Create a Better Way.
  • Philosophy

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